A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Wells is an action side-scrolling game with 3D graphics, its style is a direct reference to a classic subgenre of games that was popular in the 90's, the Run and Gun. Prepare yourself for facing hordes of enemies, explosions, gigantic bosses and a dangerous and fascinating journey into a steampunk universe.

  • Ruthless Enemies - There are a great variety of enemies, and each one requires a different strategy to be defeated. In addition to this, in the end of each level, a boss fight is waiting for you.
  • Velocity - Besides the running, jumping and shooting actions, this would not be a Run And Gun game without a vehicle stage. You may control Wells in his Steampowered motorcycle and blow away everything out of the way.
  • Unique Weapons - The Character find during the game a variety of weapons, each one with a unique functionality that will help Wells face different enemies and challenges. The ammo is unlimited, but after a certain amount of shots, you will have to wait for the cooldown to shoot again.

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Install instructions


You can play on both the keyboard or controller. The options screen shows the controls in-game :)


Wells Demo Windows 64 bit 450 MB
Wells Demo Mac
Wells Demo Linux 64 bit


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Great game I have the chance to play it on the channel.


Great game with nice steampunk atmosphere! Here is a demo I did playing it.



Отличная игра в стиле стимпанка.

Played the demo and made a video. And I think I found a bug. Overall, I like the levels. Definitely want to see the other weapons. :)