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Watch this guy rage out LOL

I really love this game but it really needs a save button because i lost all progress after i finished recording a video and i would like to be able continue from where i left off

Damn this game is hard 😫😫😫10/10 would rage again lmao

can i jest play it and not download?

here is my playthrough, had great fun, super difficult there is alot of work in this game ty


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Hey! Loved the game. It was really nicely designed and fun to play. I made a video on my channel for it. :) 


Your video is great, you play with emotion ^^
This level really should not be the first. But you did very well.
Try our update. It does not change much in difficulty, but the previous level can prepare you for this level.

Wow, thanks for add a linux release :D

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this game.

hello AlienFX,
We will release it as early access as soon as possible. Our forecast is October this year. The demonstration will help us direct our development to the most critical points. And also the most desired by the players.

Let me begin by saying I think this is a very nice looking game with an interesting concept. I'm a sucker for well executed 8 bit graphics and music, which this game certainly achieved.  However, the actual difficulty of the game with its unrelenting enemies and lackluster controls make this border on unplayable. I think this game has great potential and could be really fun, but it needs some work first.

We sent an update to aminize some problems.
We believe that if you can train the mechanics before being challenged in the next levels the game will be more fun and fluid.
We should post other difficulty levels soon.
We are eyeing every comment to make the game every day better. Thanks for the comments.