A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire, is even more challenging and flaming! A new version so special that is gonna set your hands in flames. The combats are going to heat up! New freezing skill, a refreshment for you, but petrifying for your enemies. Explore the caves and enchant yourself with the treasures and surprises that await you.

I AM THE BEST! - Show everyone who's the master of pyrophagia!

What you will find on demo version:

* 4 challenging levels. Each with its own secret.
* 12 secret areas... WE DOUBT YOU WILL FIND IT ALL !!!

What you will NOT find:

* Additional joystick. Additional joystick is NOT included... DO NOT burn yours!
* NOOB mode. HARD mode is the only game mode available.

Alert! - After seeing so much lava and fire, this game can CAUSE thirstness, drink water !!!

Are you interested in more challenges? Try our full version on Steam.

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Install instructions

Just unzip to any folder and click on the SDB_MegaFire executable.

I'd love to hear your opinion after experiencing the gameplay.

  • What are your expectations regarding this game?
  • What would make you buy this game?


SDB Mega Fire Demo - Linux.zip 54 MB
SDB Mega Fire Demo - Mac.zip 53 MB
SDB Mega Fire Demo - Windows 32bit.zip 36 MB
SDB Mega Fire Demo - Windows 64bit.zip 38 MB

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Super Dungeon Boy is a hard platformer as, it takes a bit of skill later in the game with different things such as rolling, and jumping. It is a super fun platformer though!


I really like the music and pixel art here, but I have to say, the combat doesn't feel great. The arrows are fine and all but being forced into small platforms where your only consistent form of defense is a roll that has a lot of speed to it, it makes for some discouraging combat. Due to the fact that falling off a ledge can set you back or cost you a life more often than not I quickly gravitated towards bounce firing from a distance which while extremely safe, isn't all that fun. Then adding a bunch of enemies in a rushed platforming section was a little strange to me. With the current mechanics it feels like combat and platforming need to either be separated or something needs to be reworked so that getting into fights is more incentivized. I can see something cool coming out of these pieces, but right now they don't compliment each other well.

is this free?

Hello personwholikefood,
This is just a free demo version.

The full version is still under development and will be available for around $1.



Hey,  really enjoyed the game's demo, however there was a slight controller problem.  I'm using a PS4 controller and the buttons didn't "sync" to what was shown in the settings.  However I did like the aesthetics of the game, and will likely get the full version at some point.  


Glad you liked the game. It will be out soon.

To configure a PS4 control we recommend automatic configuration. If it still behaves like an Xbox controller you can change the layout of the buttons.
Alternatively you can also enforce recognition as a PS2 control (in case the automatic fails).

Some PS4 controllers behave like an Xbox controller to be recognized by every game, this creates a little confusion.

Thank you for your opinion. Let's work to make the control panel more responsive.

Deleted post

Glad you liked the game. We are working to make it diverse, challenging and dynamic.

Some PS4 controllers behave like Xbox controls and work perfectly this way. The option to change the layout came to solve this problem in a practical way.


This looks great, are you going to add the full version to itch.io too?